10:00 a.m.
Homeopathy 101

Join Jennie Hoglund, CCH to learn all about Homeopathy and practical applications for home use. This class will cover top remedies for flu, colds, fever, injuries, teething, hand foot mouth, and more. We'll also discuss the history of Homeopathy and how it works, and have time for Q&A. You will leave empowered to naturally boost your family's health!

Jennie Hoglund, CCH

If you love your furry family members and are pregnant or adopting, this is the workshop for you. Learn some quick and easy tips for supporting your pets during the transition from pet parent into parenthood. Reduce stress and set everyone up for success!


Explore different healing modalities and Doula care for Cesarean and VBAC Mommas. Learn what is and how can it help: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Body Work, CST, Homeopathy, Mayan Abdominal massage and Yoga. Explore different types of Doulas care, birth/postpartum, antepartum, sibling, bereavement. There is no perfect combination of recipe when exploring modalities. Trust your intuition and believe your body knows best!

ICAN of the Twin Cities Leadership

In this workshop we'll cover some of my top tips for how to dive into labor and birth as a couple. At the end of this session you'll walk away with tools you can use to help you feel confident in labor. You'll discover how your partner can support you in a way that is empowering instead of anxiety-producing for you as a birthing mom.

Elizabeth Summers

Women have always sought pregnancy and birth advice from each other. Group prenatal care is a new model of care for pregnant women and their partners. Six to 12 women and their partners who have similar due dates meet regularly with an OB provider to have their prenatal visits together. Group visits include individual time with the OB provider, group discussions about pregnancy and childbirth and guest speakers.

Kate, CNM M Health Fairview

This class offered by the Childbirth Collective will help pregnant people and their partners learn how to use labor positions and techniques to be more comfortable, help labor progress and use gravity and body dynamics to get baby earth side. You will see how partners and labor companions are essential in the process and can take on a variety of roles depending on their own comfort level. Everyone will have the opportunity to practice a few comfort measures.

The Childbirth Collective

There are millions of decisions when it comes to having a baby. It’s easy for expecting families to get swept up in “this is how it’s always been done.” Join us to have a conversation about choosing providers and care that center your family experience. You deserve to have care that respects and appreciates your culture!

11:00 a.m.
What the Heck is a Doula

In this workshop we will cover the basics. What is a Doula? What questions should I ask when I interview prospective doulas? What's the difference between a doula and a Midwife? We will also cover a variety of services that a doula may offer to their clients and how to determine if that's something your family would need/want.


Join Babywearing Twin Cities for a demonstration of how to use some of the most popular baby carriers. We will discuss pros and cons of several different types of carriers, including buckle carriers with or without inserts, stretchy wraps, woven wraps, ring slings, and bei dai/meh dai. Many brands of carriers will be available to try on with weighted dolls, and educators will be available to answer questions and help with fit.

Christina and Laura

New Dad Life Hacks is here to demonstrate clever ways to life hack fatherhood when that new child arrives or is on the way. We will cover the art of baby carriers, key ways for fathers to interact with their newest, and ideas for overcoming that disabling fear. Most importantly, however, this is a time for fathers to get together and have an honest chat about how fatherhood is.

Ryan Plasch

Meet Twin Cities birth doulas in a group setting. Each family will get a few minutes with each doula to get the basics of their package and philosophy.

The Twin Cities Birth and Baby Expo team

In this session, we'll cover the basics of breastfeeding including getting off to a strong start, positioning baby for maximum comfort and ways to make the early months with your baby enjoyable. Come grow your confidence around feeding your baby!

Vickie Albright, IBCLC

Dr. Amy will be presenting on what an out of hospital birth center is. She will be discussing some of the differences between a birth center and hospital.

Dr. Amy Johnson-Grass, ND, LM, CPM

Parents and educators may be familiar with hearing “that’s a boy color” or “this is a girl movie” in their daily lives. But a growing movement in parenting embraces more gender-neutral options, including in things like clothing and hair. Come and learn about embracing gender expression of all kinds, resources for children and adults, and hear from parents and educators on gender expression in children.

Ellyn Wyman-Grothem and Katie Oakenshield
12 pm
Car Seat Safety

Come learn about current car seat recommendations and proper fit. We will talk about different types of car seats and the best fit for your child.

Madolynn Duckwall

Babies Poop! Here's a class to help you raise a sustainable baby with almost everything you need to know to get started with cloth diapers. This fun, interactive class will have you ready to dive right into to diapers. Best of all - one lucky attendee will win 4 free weeks of cloth diaper delivery and laundry!

Peter, Do Good Diapers

Want to know the secret to getting your BEST Birth? This dynamic workshop will lead you through the importance of aligning your expectations with your birth environment. Perfect for the birthing person who's trying to identify the who, what, and where of their birth so that they can birth with complete confidence.

Liz Hochman, birthED

Learn how to maximize your minutes pumping to reach your human milk feeding goal. Workshop includes tips on flange sizing, pump timing, and even night time parenting tips to keep milk flowing. Bonus content on how to pump extra, and prioritize your own baby, for families interested in milk donation.

Danielle Downs Spradlin, IBCLC

Had a cesarean and considering a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) for your next pregnancy? Join Jessica and Katie for a condensed version of their VBAC Prep class. Learn about the top 5 ways to help achieve a vaginal birth here in the Twin Cities.

Jessica Anderson, HCHI, HCHD and Katie Champ www.vbacprep.com

This workshop would be a short and fun introduction to the work of doulas. I would love the opportunity to talk about what doulas do and don't do as well as explaining the different kind of doulas there are.

Justine Temke, Midwest Doulas

Join us for a conversation with non-gestational parents at various stages of parenthood, talking about the unique experiences of partners, co-parents, and dads during pregnancy and beyond.

Emily Wyman-Grothem
1 pm
Create Your Best Postpartum Time

Plan for your best postpartum time! This workshop will cover tips and strategies to set you up for success as you welcome your newest addition to your family. Presented by a professional postpartum doula and lactation counselor (and mom of four), leave feeling more prepared and peaceful about the big changes coming.

Hallie Rogers, Better Beginnings

Teaching parents skills to manage emotions and behaviors in early childhood while supporting a positive connection. This presentation will focus on key specific and workable tools to utilize at home to help encourage positive behaviors and emotional regulation in early childhood.

Elizabeth Kittleson

Planning the future should be easy and accessible. Join Rachel T. Schromen of Schromen Law, LLC to learn more about important documents you should have in place when you have minor children, to plan for things like guardianship and the protection and security of your children.

Rachel T. Schromen

Having a baby demands much of parents and basic self care can be forgotten in the process. There are new physical demands on your body as well as challenging thoughts and emotions during early parenting experiences. Learn about how to best care for body and mind to stay well as you begin on the parenting journey.

Jenica, MOM plus ME, LLC

Many parents struggle with all the conflicting information and advice around breastfeeding they find online or hear about from friends, family and even health care professionals. In this session we'll discuss common breastfeeding issues and how to tell if they are worrisome or not. There will be time to address specific questions.

Vickie Albright, IBCLC

1 in 3 babies are born by cesarean today, so having knowledge about cesarean birth can be beneficial for all birthing persons whether you are planning a cesarean or vaginal birth. Join us to learn about cesarean birth and what to expect in the operating room. We will discuss what options may be available to you, including what are commonly referred to as “Gentle Cesarean” techniques, that can enhance and help you feel more involved in your birth experience. Jill VanderZiel is in her 8th year serving as a planning board member of the Twin Cities Birth and Baby Expo, and admins a Facebook group for those who have had cesareans/CBACs. She has three children, all born by cesarean. jill.vanderziel@gmail.com

Jill VanderZiel, Twin Cities Cesarean Support Group

All parents want the best nutrition for their little ones, but for LGBTQIA+ parents, the first feeding decisions extend beyond breast versus formula feeding. This session will explore the many options for healthy newborn feeding for LGBTQIA+ parents -breastfeeding, inducing lactation for non-gestational parents, chestfeeding for transgender or gender-fluid parents, the ins and outs of donor breast milk, bottle feeding with love, and more. We will touch on numerous creative options other LGBTQIA families have used for lovingly nourishing their babies and talk about unique challenges you may face. Come gather ideas to make feeding decisions that are right for you and your baby.

Janine Stiles
2 pm
The Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers can offer many benefits to your family. Fewer rashes and blowouts? Money saving? Environmental? Durable and fashionable? Check, check, check! During this workshop, we will discuss and demonstrate the benefits of cloth diapers, different types of diapers and accessories such as wet bags, cloth wipes and diaper sprayers. Any questions you have in regards to costs, washing, etc. will be answered so that you will walk out of the presentation excited to try cloth diapers with your little one(s)!

Rheannon Ketover

The arrival of a new baby can bring up a whirlwind of financial questions. How do we save for college? How can we protect our family with life insurance? How do we balance the financial pressures of today without compromising our long term goals? In this workshop, we’ll cover the building blocks of financial planning for new and growing families.

Nathan Knoll

We will spend most of our time together in an informal setting where you are able to bring your questions to the table and have midwives answer them. So bring your questions to us! We will also bring a few talking points to make sure it doesn't get awkward.

Jenny Hall

An introduction to how Spinning Babies® activities can help open your pelvis so your baby more easily rotate down at birth. Learn how these movements can help you feel more comfortable in pregnancy and help your baby find a better position to start birth.

Catherine Burns and Erin Tripolino

Have you heard about the popularity of unmedicated births but have reservations about pursuing one for yourself? Are already planning one and want to be better prepared? Join Madeline Gardner, certified nurse-midwife at the Minnesota Birth Center, to learn more about why unmedicated birth can be beneficial and 5 tips to get you there. Explore this topic with story, look at the research, and practice techniques. Get your questions answered in a non-judgmental and welcoming environment.

Madeline Gardner, CNM

Peeing your pants when you sneeze? Painful sex? Our pelvic floors are incredibly important but rarely talked about. Let’s change that dialogue! Come learn practical tips from an expert pelvic floor physical therapist on what you can do to keep your pelvic floor working it’s best!

Angela Reed, PT, DPT

Everyone’s family is different. This panel of bisexual, polyamorous, and/or pansexual folks will discusss the unique challenges and joys of parenting and family life in traditionally under-represented sexualities and family structures. This conversation will be facilitated by Shea Roberts Gyllen, a non-binary birth doula and parent.

Shea (they/them), birth and sibling doula