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Group/Organization Nominees (choose one)  
birthEDThe birth class and breastfeeding class at birthEd were incredibly helpful in preparing for my birth. I felt entirely informed to make the best decisions during labor. The classes were engaging and insightful balancing between humor, lightheartedness, and a deeper connection to your partner with the power and beauty of birth.
Better BeginningsThis group of women has given so much back to the community in support of new parents. I am amazed by all their talents and extraordinary efforts! The families I know who have experienced their support have educated them on breastfeeding positions, assisted in watching smaller children so parents can rest and recoup to parent better, and offers free care to families in need.
Health FoundationsHealth foundations is there every step of the way. They offer parenting classes, weekly meet ups, workshops. They take care of the whole woman pre and postnatal. They empowered me with the birth of my first son and cried with me with the loss of my second baby. I trust them completely. And that is why I've chosen HF to be with me as I give birth to my second son.
Individual Nominees (choose one)
Brianna BingCreating relationships with her clients, helping them through the changes their body is going through and bringing back comfort to expecting moms! She is wonderful and takes great pride in taking part with the new mommy's and their baby’s
Dr. Jeni MassaDr. Jeni is all about helping moms, babies and families love their best and healthiest life. She is so giving to all of her patients and helps them with multiple
Liz HochmanLiz was hands on and eager to give us the best care to her ability since we told her we were pregnant! She kept in touch through out our pregnancy wondering each month how baby and mom were doing. She was nothing but exceptional the long days leading up to my birth as I was nine days late. The night I went into labor she was right by my side, she read my ques, respected my space, and new how to encourage me to give it my absolute all. When people ask how was your labor, my response is magical. It was magical because Liz and my birth team made it that way!
Molly MikacevichMolly supports all birthing families and people! She is one of the best bodyworkers around and provides such calm and welcoming energy. She’s also a fantastic childbirth educator that supports all kind of birth. Informing people of their options and how to get connected to the right kind of support.
Kari MichalskiAs a home birth midwife and CNM, Kari is able to see women throughout the course of their lives and not just during the childbearing years. She helps women before they even conceive by providing evidence based care surrounding becoming pregnant and carrying a baby. Since she has her own practice she is able to tailor her care to her client’s needs and give them the time they need during visits. She is a huge advocate for physiological birth and empowers her clients to make educated decisions for their care. She is an amazing resource for the postpartum periods and provides resources as needed.
Abby BachmeierDr. Abby is the best. She is so knowledgeable, accepting and warm. She knows so many great providers that have helped us feel more then ready for parenting. I am not sure I could have made it through my pregnancy with out her!
Jessica AndersonJess helped us prepare for and achieve our VBAC in March 2019. She tirelessly supported us throughout the long birth. She was readily available while I labored at home, even offering to come over during those 12 hours. She spent more than 15 hours at the hospital with us including after the birth when my partner and baby were in the NICU and my room transfer was delayed 3hrs Jess was critical in identifying early that our provider’s were leaning toward a RCS that was not necessary. She knew the steps we needed to take to achieve a more favorable position for the baby and keep labor progressing. She helped keep us on track and supported me as I pushed through difficult moments. Where my midwife fell short and defaulted to the OB, Jess doubled down on her efforts to avoid a RCS. I knew I wanted a doula but until I experienced her care and expertise I had no idea how imperative she would be to achieving our vbac! I won’t have another baby without her onboard!
Mandy LandryKnowledgeable during initial meetings (what a doula can provide, different scenarios and what we could do), educated us on different birthing techniques and walked through them with us, listened to our wishes and explained how she would advocate for us and how best to advocate for ourselves. I always felt like the health of my babies and myself was always the most important thing.
Meredith WestinUpon meeting Meredith, she was an open book and presented herself as more than just a birth photographer but also a resource. Her work and mission to empower women during the birthing process is apparent through her photos that always capture the raw emotions and stories. As a first time mom going into labor, Meredith was able to inform me of the process that was about to unfold, what questions to ask the nurses/doctors, and was very respectful of the space during delivery. She delivered our images of our son’s birth very promptly and we were able to see the looks on our faces as our transformation to parenthood unfolded in front of us. It was a blessing and privilege to work with Meredith.
Michelle BrechonMichelle provides care for women at Fairview women’s clinic and delivers at Mhealth Fairview. Michelle’s serves a diverse patient population and many women will refer family members to this clinic after seeing Michelle and her fellow midwives. Michelle is always looking for extra resources for patients even if it’s diapers or baby clothes. Michelle also works at north side clinic which serves a lot of teen mothers and provides supplies and classes to them. I not only work along side Michelle as an RN but she also contracted with me for the birth of my baby this month. I chose Michelle specifically for my birth because she is always at the bedside with women supporting them through their labor journey
Emme CorbeilEmme continually shares resources with her clients for assistance with bodywork, birth education, Doula support, postpartum care, breastfeeding and lactation. Her wide network supports a holistic approach to pregnancy and delivery for her homebirth clients. She is committed to her clients and can be relied upon to transfer to any setting deemed appropriate for birth. I count myself extremely lucky to have had Emme attend two of my births. Her trusting and capable hands have helped guide me to be the mother I am today. She is a huge resource for the homebirth and midwife community and deserves recognition for her
Rochelle VincentRochelle lives and breathes the message of “connecting families with empowering, multicultural resources and education”. She is one of the sincerest and kindest birth worker for her families, and she is a true gem and resource for anyone navigating birth and parenting. Rochelle offers culturally congruent care to so many of her families and is continually pursuing additional trainings to amplify the work she does in terms of activism and seeking justice. Rochelle is a birth doula, Postpartum doula, massage therapist, and photographer. She works with many clients through the non-profit Everyday Miracles as well as managing her own business lotus birth and body works. She absolutely deserves to be nominated and celebrated.
Erin Stertz-FollettI feel lucky to have had Erin's expertise and knowledge throughout both of my pregnancies, as well as my personal doula work. Erin offers a calm, welcoming and judgment-free space. We took her HypnoBirthing class for our second baby and cannot recommend it enough - I was given all the tools to help me stay present, focused and confident. I also took a home birth prep class, attended a few mama social events, and became a certified HypnoBirthing® Doula through her training program. I'm so grateful for Erin's presence in our birth community and have referred her to other mamas over and over
Rebecca PolstonRebecca has provided families with an amazing out-of-Hospital birth setting that is completely unique in the Twin Cities. She has a heart for evidence-based maternity care and Roots Birth Center provides exactly that for many families who desire births their way instead of being forced into conventional maternity care molds. Roots serves many minority families who might otherwise find it difficult to find the kind of experience they desire in a conventional hospital setting. Rebecca also offers many educational classes at her birth center to give families the resources for things like breastfeeding, postpartum healing and cloth diapering. She truly is a gift to the TC birth community!
Justine TemkeFrom my first interaction, Justine provided a wealth of community resources for all of my prenatal needs. She took the time to get to know me and my preferences and tailored her services to meet my needs. I had excellent body work providers throughout my pregnancy thanks to Justine. She was accessible, educated and always ready to field questions and give support when I felt overwhelmed. She was a source of strength and calm when I was suddenly rushed to the hospital after giving birth at a birth center. I always felt informed, safe and guided throughout the entire process. She runs her company with integrity and
Britt JacksonBritt is a hardworking birthworker who spent multiple years as a birth doula and is currently working towards midwifery. She has and is working countless hours and spending time away from her family in order to be able to serve her community. She works hard to make sure she is in a place where she can serve marginalized communities and provide a safe space for birth services. We need more brown people in birth and Britt is one of those talented, caring, peaceful, skilled, observant and informative birthworkers. I have seen multiple families love the way she has treated and cared for them. I've even heard people say they only want
Kelsi HinesThe care I received with TCM was exceptional. I love that I got personalized care with no judgement. They always gave me natural alternatives to medicine first which I appreciated greatly. They acted quickly and with care when I had high blood pressure and had to be induced at a hospital. Even though I was not able to have the home birth that I had planned, I am glad with how my birth turned out. I felt supported and loved by Kelsi through the whole experience. She feels like a family member.
Anne FergusonAnne’s Hypnobabies class was well taught and I learned more than I even thought I could know about birth. She gave me the confidence to give birth naturally. I honestly don’t think I would’ve been able to go through with a natural vaginal birth with no pain medication if it weren’t for her help as my doula. I was so encouraged by her and felt completely accepted and heard by her.
Nicole SteckerNicole taught our breastfeeding class and then became our lactation consultant after the birth of our daughter.

For various reasons, breastfeeding did not start off on a great foot for us. On the first night home from the hospital, we found ourselves at a complete loss as to how we would keep our baby fed.

We texted Nicole that night, as she had encouraged us to do during class. She came over the next morning. Over the next three weeks, we met with her twice, texted her almost daily and talked to her on the phone often (once while she was in California on vacation!). Nicole was so patient and understanding, and took us step by step through getting our baby to the breast and getting my supply up.

It was hard work, and we often despaired that we'd never figure it out. But Nicole was such a good educator and cheerleader.

I'm so happy we trusted her, because now I am successfully breastfeeding my baby.

Nicole's amazing patience and openness were key in getting us here.
Hallie RogersHallie, along with the whole Better Beginnings team, strives to provide top quality postpartum care to new families throughout the Twin Cities. In addition to caring for the many families who hire Better Beginnings, it is Hallie's heart's desire to offer care for the many families who are unable to pay for postpartum doula support. Hallie has recently implemented a new project that seeks to raise funding for low income families so that this dream can become a reality. In addition, she continually reaches out to families in need, offering online resources, local birth resources and professional assistance wherever possible. Hallie also matches families in need with those who have infant donations and resources to share.
Annette KleinAnnette facilitates Pregnancy Loss and Pregnancy after Loss support groups through Allina at United Hospital. She uses her personal and professional experience and insight to support families through some of the most challenging and heart wrenching periods of their lives. I attended the pregnancy after loss group regularly and found it critically helpful as I navigated an emotionally tumultuous pregnancy after multiple losses. I honestly can't imagine what I would have done without her group and support. She helped us feel sane in crazy circumstances. I'm so grateful for Annette and the resource she provides with her groups.
Aly FolinAly had an amazingly calm, reassuring presence at our prenatal appointments and during labor and birth. This was our 4th baby, but was a HBAC, and Aly helped me feel safe, able, confident, and nurtured while being able to birth vaginally and at home with my family. She welcomed our whole family to be part of prenatal care and the birth. Her calm, confident presence helped provide a safe space, not only for myself and my newborn, but also for my 7-year-old twin daughters (and my husband) who were present and involved during labor and delivery. I had postpartum anxiety and depression following the births of my other children, and Aly's postpartum care (frequency of visits, checking in via text, checking in on *me* and not just my newborn, making sure I had other resources) helped make this experience immensely better. Being heard/listened to had a significant impact on my mental health and ability to recover postpartum. This was, by far, the most positive birth/postpartum of my births.
Kate Saumweber HoganKate and her entire team are phenomenal. I have never received such comprehensive, communicative, thorough, competent, and compassionate care in my life.
Mary StemperInclusive prenatal care for all families regardless of race, gender, or religion. The midwives at Twin Cities Midwifery provide through prenatal care and birth support going above and beyond most birth workers to provide a safe and respectful birthing
Stephanie SinclairStephanie was my doula during my two births. She was there for me before, during and after those births with much attention to helping me feel calm and empowered. She was non-judgmental and let me take the lead the entire time. She offered strategies for a more physically comfortable prenatal experience and made me feel less afraid.she was super supportive during the birth, empowering both me and my husband with much encouragement and help from everything to position adjustment to bringing us food. My birth experiences were made so much more beautiful than they otherwise would have been because of Steph.




The purpose of the Best of the Twin Cities Birth and Baby Awards is to honor and celebrate local organizations or individuals who exemplify the mission of the Twin Cities Birth & Baby Expo.  The mission of the Twin Cities Birth and Baby Expo is to connect local families with empowering, multicultural resources and education that promote healthy birth and parenting and to celebrate the transformative experience of becoming parents. Award winners must also adhere to the following statements in their business practices and beliefs:

  • World Health Organization recommendation of low cesarean rate (10-15%).
  • Availability of VBAC for all women with prior cesarean, meaning if you are a midwife or doctor you will accept women with prior cesareans into your care for pregnancy and birth.
  • World Health Organization recommendation that “exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months is the optimal way of feeding infants. Thereafter infants should receive complementary foods with continued breastfeeding up to 2 years of age or beyond.”