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10:00 a.m.
Breaking the Silence on Paternal Postnatal Depression

It is estimated that in the United States up to 1 in 4 new dads suffer from postnatal depression. Despite this, paternal postnatal depression is still not widely recognized, researched, nor understood resulting in many new fathers suffering in silence. This goal of this workshop is to continue to help raise awareness of the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of this condition so that healthcare providers and families will be better able to identify a new father who may be suffering. Identifying postnatal depression is the first step in finding support, treatment, and finally resolution.

Savanha Winkel

This workshop will focus on identifying ways to enhance the relationship between parents after baby is born, including changes in sex life, sustaining desire in long term relationships, and understanding both your own needs and those of your partner.

Lauren Robbins MS, LPCC, LADC

Vitamin K, Hep B, Circumcisions, Weight checks, Jaundice... Sheesh, does that umbilical cord smell? Why does my baby have a weird rash? Stop by to discuss the most common newborn topics. Understand what is normal, what is cute, and what to call your doctor for. Promised to be fun and super fast! There is a lot to go through!

Dr. Ryan Dick

Capturing the first moments of your sweet little babe's life is important to many parents. What questions should you ask? What kind of different styles are available? What kind of safety precautions should a photographer be taking around your new baby? How can you best capture your little one's first moment with tools available to you? These questions and more regarding newborn photography will be answered in this workshop!

Lauren Marie

Pregnancy entails very predictable bodily changes that affect function postpartum. If left uncorrected, poor postural alignment can lead to pain and dysfunction. Learn a general timeline for postpartum recovery through exercise and how to correct the most common postural misalignments safely.

Melissa Cathcart, L.Ac

Learn how to intentionally interact with your baby to optimize brain development. The hands-on demonstrations will help parents refine their bonding and soothing techniques, creating more delightful babies.

Dr. Kristen Hager

From known donor agreements and standby custodian agreements to second parent adoptions and on to powers of attorney, wills & other documents that will help protect your family after death, there are many ways the law intersects with conception, pregnancy, and your family. Join the staff of Davis Law Office for a conversation about ins and outs of holistic legal planning for your family, with a special focus on queer family planning. All families & family members are welcome to attend.

Davis Law Office
11:00 a.m.
Breastfeeding Challenges- Normal or Needs Attention

Many parents struggle with all the conflicting information and advice around breastfeeding they find online or hear about from friends, family and even health care professionals. In this session we'll discuss common breastfeeding issues and how to tell if they are worrisome or not. There will be time to address specific questions.

Vickie Albright

1st time father, 2nd time father, or maybe even 3rd! Come find out what dads are doing to effectively hack that newborn/baby phase of life. It can be intense! Your questions will be answered and you will be introduced to many tricks as well as what to prepare for in this new part of your life.

Ryan Plasch

Meet several doulas from the Childbirth Collective in a "speed-dating" activity. Come to this fast-paced workshop ready to meet some doulas and get some of your questions about doulas answered! Everyone welcome!

The Childbirth Collective

Learn how to keep your baby safe in the car! We will cover different types of car seats and current recommendations.

Madolynn Duckwall

Cloth diapering made easy. Learn all about several different types of diapers, the pros/cons, costs, washing and so much more. Don't be overwhelmed. Check out this great class and learn how easy cloth diapering can be! Bonus: 1 Lucky attendee of this class will win 4 weeks of all-inclusive cloth diaper service!

Peter and Kathy of Do Good Diaper Service

If you love your furry family members and are pregnant, adopting, or have a baby, this is the workshop for you. Learn some quick and easy tips for supporting your pets during the transition into parenthood and family life. Reduce stress and set everyone up for success!


Are you thinking of starting or growing your family but are unsure where to start? This session is for LGBTQ prospective parents – single or coupled – wanting to begin the process of welcoming a new baby. This basic primer will outline steps you should follow to get yourself ready. We will discuss preparing your body for conception and pregnancy, maintaining healthy relationship dynamics (if applicable), donor options, and different insemination options. We will also touch on adoption and surrogacy for queer families. Information will be provided for both first timers and those who have done this before and ample time will be allowed for discussion so we can learn from each other’s journeys so far. Single moms by choice may also find this session helpful.

Janine Stiles
12 pm
ICAN- 5 Ways to VBAC Prep

Come and learn 5 ways to prepare for a trial of labor after a prior cesarean. Whether you are hoping for a natural, pain-medication free birth, a planned cesarean, or a hospital birth with an epidural (STAT!) – there are factors and options to consider as you plan for this, one of the most important days of your life. Join the leaders of the Twin Cities Chapter of ICAN to learn 5 important ways you can best prepare yourself for an empowering, healthy birth.

ICAN of the Twin Cities Chapter Leaders

Finding a provider for your pregnancy and birth that is the right match for your specific needs and values can feel overwhelming. Join Blooma Childbirth educators to learn more about what to look for in the right provider for you. Learn what evidence-based care means, the difference between obstetric and midwifery care, and your birthing location options (home birth, birth center, and hospital).

Mari Melby

This is the class where birthing people and their partners learn how to manage labor in a safe and rewarding way, so that baby's birthday can be a happy memory. You will see how partners and labor companions are essential in the process and can take on a variety of roles depending on their own comfort level. Everyone will have the opportunity to practice various comfort measures.

The Childbirth Collective

Volunteers from Babywearing Twin Cities will walk you through several types of carriers that you may want to use with an infant. They will show how to use each carrier safely and give comfort tips.

Baby Wearing Twin Cities

Plan for your best postpartum time! This workshop will cover tips and tricks to set you up for success as you welcome your newest addition to your family. Presented by a professional postpartum doula and lactation counselor (and mom of four!), leave feeling more prepared and peaceful about the big changes coming.

Hallie Rogers

Join Mid Drift Movement for an interactive workshop exploring ways to confront feelings about you or your partners physical changes postpartum as well as the emotions and complexities that accompany this time.

Angie Sonrode

An Alternative Families Panel organized by Queer Birth Project. Come hear from a panel of families who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, makeups and styles… all while hopefully learning more about your own family in the process. Our panel includes local families with diverse perspectives and experiences around making a family and raising children. Panel will begin with a hosted introduction of each family, and a guided discussion with our panelists on topics ranging from pregnancy and birth to the different ways we raise little ones and navigate the world as a family. The discussion will be followed by an open forum for you to ask questions and interact with our panelists.

1 pm
Maintaining Milk Production After Your Return to Work

In this session we'll cover the ins and outs of pumping and breastfeeding, including milk storage guidelines, how much babies need, frequency and duration of pumping, ways to maximize output with the pump, how to bottle feed a breastfed baby and how to share information with your caregiver.

Vickie Albright

1 in 3 babies are born by cesarean today, so having knowledge about cesarean birth can be beneficial for all birthing persons whether you are planning a cesarean or vaginal birth. Join us to learn about cesarean birth and what to expect in the operating room. We will discuss what options may be available to you, including what are commonly referred to as "Gentle Cesarean" techniques, that can enhance and help you feel more involved in your birth experience. Finally, we will talk about tips, tricks and what to expect as you recover from your cesarean birth.

Jill VanderZiel

Meet several doulas from the Childbirth Collective in a "speed-dating" activity. Come to this fast-paced workshop ready to meet some doulas and get some of your questions about doulas answered! Everyone welcome!

The Childbirth Collective

Want to know the secret to getting your BEST Birth? This workshop gives you all the information you need for achieving your most satisfying Birth. Learn from Liz Hochman CD(DONA), CLC, LCCE, as she gives you the insiders scoop on birth locations, providers, and options that can help set you up for your most satisfying birth.

Liz Hochman

So much great work is being done to help with core and pelvic floor rehab and restoration post pregnancy. This workshop will be a little bit different because the focus will be on prevention and PREhab. You will leave this with strategies to help maintain a strong and functional core and pelvic floor throughout pregnancy and into postpartum. It is possible to minimizing and even prevent common issues such as diastasis recti (abdominal separation), incontinence, prolapse, and more. Do not 'just wait and see. Learn strategies to help!

Lindsay McCoy

An overview of how your insurance coverage can be optimized to protect your paycheck. Having children means that we are financially responsible for someone's well being. We want to give you some practical tips to avoid an unforeseen incident that could put your paycheck at risk. Topics to be discussed include: How to make ends meet if you are injured or ill and cannot work. How to ensure financial viability for your family if your paycheck suddenly stopped. What assets are at risk if you are in an at-fault accident in your car, or negligent in an incident at your home?

Brandi Warmbier

Sexuality and sex change after having a baby and becoming a parent. This workshop will cover topics from anatomical and hormonal changes that impact sexual function for folks who’ve had babies in their bodies, the changes in libido that accompany parenthood for everybody, and shifting sexual dynamics within personal identities and parenting partnerships.

Dale S.E. Mueller
2 pm
Top 3 tips for the best sleepers from a biological standpoint

Wish you could have a great sleeper? Come join A to Z Sleep Solutions to learn about the top 3 tips to encourage your precious little one to develop healthy sleep. We will take an in depth look at the 3 big biological pieces that will encourage your child to become a happy sleeper. Sleep is a biological necessity, not a luxury - let's get your whole family sleeping better!

Kate, a certified Sleep Consultant

Love Q software is every parents dream. Imagine being able to communicate love in the exact way that your child feels it. It's possible. With our technology, there's no lengthy questionnaires. Simply use our software and identify your child's 4 Ways of Love. Based on Dr Denny Thompson's work called The 12 Ways of Love, you can better love your child more intelligently and with ease. Know from the beginning what 4 Ways of a love are preferred to help your child blossom into a whole and resilient child.


Learn ideas and tips for ways to save for college, have a slush fund for them if they don't attend college, and other topics that can give them a solid financial foundation to grow into.

Cassandra Brashier

In this workshop we will review an integrative approach to women's health and wellness before, during, and after pregnancy. Whether you struggle with chronic health issues, or are just looking to optimize your vitality, there are some foundational steps needed to facilitate wellness throughout this transformative time. Together we will take a look at how an integrative approach to your health will serve to optimize your pregnancy and postpartum experience.

April K. Chu

Expectant parents, will you soon be making a decision on circumcision? I would love to help you in your research process! Come learn about the many awesome functions of the foreskin and benefits of being intact (not circumcised)! I will also discuss the circumcision procedure and its risks. Finally, I'll explain how easy it is to care for an intact baby. Some of this information is not commonly taught in hospitals or shared by doctors, so be sure you get all the facts! Parents, caregivers, medical professionals, and people just wanting to understand the topic are all welcome.

Christine Hubel

How does your identity as a Bi or Pansexual person affect your day to day interactions? How does it affect your comfort in queer spaces and identifying as a queer family (especially if partnered with a person of the opposite gender identity)? What are some ways to talk openly about the wide spectrum of sexuality with kids and others? This interactive workshop and discussion will focus on ways to foster healthy conversations around these questions while providing experiences and ideas on how to keep the conversation going. Come and share your experiences with us.

Alicia Kornacker and Angie Sonrode