10:00 a.m.
Preparing Pets for Baby

If you love your furry family members and are pregnant or have a baby, this is the workshop for you. Learn some quick and easy tips for supporting your pets during the transition into parenthood and family life. Reduce stress and set everyone up for success!

Kate Anders PrettyGoodDog.com

Eating for 2 doesn't mean eating twice as much, it means eating twice as good! This workshop will explain the whats, hows and whys of eating while pregnant, as well as, how to reduce exposure to chemicals/toxins for the health of you and your growing baby.

Sarah Rawitzer thewellnessdoula.com

Have a leak free pregnancy and life! Join prenatal/postnatal exercise specialist Lindsay McCoy of One Strong Mama to learn how to create a strong and supple pelvic floor. You are NOT required to leak pee when you laugh, sneeze or jump just because you're a mom! And no, kegels are not the answer! This class is ideal for those who are expecting and those who have already given birth. We will uncover your blind spots, address how the core and pelvic floor and related, and learn how pelvic floor health can help you have an easier birth and recovery from childbirth!

Lindsay McCoy onestrongmama.com

As placenta encapsulation becomes more popular, birthing families and providers wonder if it is really safe. This workshop will cover the conditions we need to encapsulate safely and when a client will have to avoid the process. We will address the recent CDC article about the safety of encapsulation if a mom is GBS positive. We will also give attendees general questions to ask their encapsulator to make sure all proper safety precautions are being followed.

Anne Ferguson bywaterbirth.com minnesotaplacenta.com.

Need more living space for your growing family? The purchase of a new home often coincides with major life events, such as the birth of a child. This boot camp will breakdown the home buying process into succinct steps and show you how to navigate each step along the way. Understanding what to expect when buying a home, how to find the right home in the right location for you and your family, and how to navigate real estate complexities with confidence and ease will be covered in this workshop.

Mary Frances Miller happyhomempls.com

Choosing your maternity care provider is something that should be done with great care - just as choosing a university, a place of marriage or a life-partner should be done. You can't just go with what's down the street! Find out how to assess your values, listen to your inner-knowing and reduce your fear so you can choose an OB or Midwife that specializes in the kind of birth you envision. Workshop will include a self assessment, education on the different types of maternity health models and resources to take the next steps to finding your maternity care love-connection!

The Blooma Childbirth Educators Blooma.com

Want to know the secret to getting your BEST Hospital Birth? Nicole Stecker and Liz Hochman bring their experience of attending several hundred births over the past 9 years as birth doulas to give you the best tips for achieving your most satisfying Hospital Birth. Learn the insiders perspective on locations, providers, and options that can help you have the birth you want.

Liz Hochman birthEDmn.com rockyourbirth.net

Come learn some practical tips for keeping your relationship alive in the midst of family building or raising children. Though special attention will be given to relationship dynamics for LGBTQ relationships, this session will be helpful to to all different types of relationships. Please join us no matter how you define your family.

Trisha Falvey trishafalvey.com
11:00 a.m.
Super Awesome Cloth Diaper 101

Cloth diapers seem great, you know someone who tried them and liked them but the information online is so OVERWHELMING! This class is for you – Do Good Diaper Service presents the 4 main types of cloth diapers and shows you how easy they are to use, wash at home and more! Your baby is going to poop no matter what type of diaper you use – might as well make that diaper a good one.

Peter Allen dogooddiapers.com

Learn about mood complications during pregnancy, postpartum and birth. Know the risk factors and resources in our community to support parents in the transition to parenthood.

Allison Peterson ppsupportmn.com mindfulfamiliestherapy.com

“Travel” to Uganda where a free-standing birth center was started by a Canadian doula with input from the local community. This NGO is supported by international donors and volunteers. Learn why working or volunteering outside the USA is a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Kerry Dixon wwhealth.org

Perhaps the biggest decision expecting families make is where to have their baby. Come and learn about birthing at a birth center with Tasha Hale, CNM, and LIzi Seefeldt, RN, from the Minnesota Birth Center. This presentation will focus on the birth center experience, including: a comparison of birth center birth to hospital birth; prenatal care; standard practices during labor and birth; and the priority to protect the golden hour for mother and baby. We look forward to meeting you, and introducing you to this empowering model of care!

Tasha Hale theminnesotabirthcenter.com

Pregnant women are the best monitor we have for how baby is doing during pregnancy! This session will teach expectant mothers how to monitor their baby’s movements, know when they should see their care provider, and use their maternal instincts. Parenting begins in pregnancy!

Lindsey Wimmer starlegacyfoundation.org

Come learn how to intentionally interact with your baby to optimize brain development. The hands-on demonstrations will help parents refine their bonding and soothing techniques.

Dr. Kristen Hager Happyhealthyfamilychiropractic.com

Rebozo? Hip squeeze? Birth ball? Come and see how non-medical tools are essential for both the birthing and support person throughout labor.

The Childbirth Collective Childbirthcollective.org

Are you thinking of starting or growing your family but are unsure where to start? This session is for LGBTQ prospective parents – single or coupled – wanting to begin the process of welcoming a new baby. This basic primer will outline steps you should follow to get yourself ready. We will discuss preparing your body for conception and pregnancy, maintaining healthy relationship dynamics (if applicable), donor options, and different insemination options. We will also touch on adoption and surrogacy for queer families. Information will be provided for both first timers and those who have done this before and ample time will be allowed for discussion so we can learn from each other’s journeys so far. Single moms by choice may also find this session helpful.

Janine Stiles mandalamidwiferycare.com
12 pm
Women’s Health and Physical Therapy

Let us help your changing body! Back pain? Bladder leaking? Weak abdominals? If you think these issues are just something you have to deal with… Think again! Join the physical therapists from HCMC’s Women’s Health Program to learn about some of the common musculoskeletal conditions during and following pregnancy and what you can do about them. Learn about the many benefits to both mothers and babies of staying active throughout your pregnancy. This workshop will have you up and moving to learn safe ways to exercise with your changing body.

Angela Reed hcmc.org.

Hear from some of the Metro’s Top Prenatal Chiropractors and learn:How to best prepare your body BEFORE and DURING pregnancy – Strategies for a smooth labor and delivery (including Webster’s Technique)| – What to expect AFTER baby arrives (sleep, colic/reflux, breastfeeding) By the end of this workshop, you feel more EMPOWERED and ready to welcome the newest member of your family!


Many of us have said, “If I had known that…” “No one told me…” “I wish I had…” when relaying their birth stories. Come and learn 5 ways to regret-proof your birth. Whether you are hoping for a natural, pain-medication free birth, a planned cesarean, or a hospital birth with an epidural (STAT!) – there are factors and options to consider as you plan for this, one of the most important days of your life. Join the leaders of the Twin Cities Chapter of ICAN to learn 5 important ways you can best prepare yourself for an empowering, healthy, regret-proof birth.

Jill VanderZiel ican-online.org/twincities

Today’s parents are increasingly keeping their sons intact at birth instead of circumcising them. Come learn about the foreskin and why it’s awesome to have one! Hear the facts about circumcision and its effects on baby boys. Get up to speed with the simple yet very important steps of how to care for your intact newborn or child. Parents, grandparents, daycare workers, and anyone else wanting to learn about circumcision, foreskin, and/or proper care are all welcome!

Christine YourWholeBaby.org

Learn what you can do to reduce and prevent postpartum depression and anxiety. Find out if you have any risk factors. Recognize the warning signs & symptoms. Discover what resources are available in your community.

Krista Post phawellness.com

While the majority of families these days initiate breastfeeding, many struggle early on and don’t meet their goals. In this workshop, we’ll look at some of the common roadblocks to breastfeeding success and talk about how breastfeeding provides much more than calories and nutrients for baby. What happens physiologically and emotionally when a baby is put to the breast? And how does this impact the family, both short-term and long-term?

Vickie Albright mamawiselactation.com

Interested in finding a doula? Come and check out Doula Speed Dating! Meet and connect with local doulas from the Childbirth Collective – in true speed dating form!

The Childbirth Collective childbirthcollective.org

An LGBTQ Families Panel organized by Queer Birth Project. Come hear from a panel of families who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, makeups and styles… all while hopefully learning more about your own family in the process. Our panel includes local families with diverse perspectives and experiences around making a family and raising children. Panel will begin with a hosted introduction of each family, and a guided discussion with our panelists on topics ranging from pregnancy and birth to the different ways we raise little ones and navigate the world as a family. The discussion will be followed by an open forum for you to ask questions and interact with our panelists. Hosted by Janine Kellogg, Birth & Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC) and Queer Birth Project Volunteer.

Janine Kellogg queerbirthproject.wordpress.com
1 pm
Mindful Birth

Mindful Birth integrates teachings from traditional meditation practices with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction(MBSR) to help manage anxiety and discomforts, cultivate a sense of calm, build confidence, and enhance bonding with baby in pregnancy and beyond. We discuss mindfulness in relation to pregnancy, birth and parenting, the benefits of mindfulness, and practical tips for integrating the practice into your busy life. This class provides a judgement-free space for families planning ALL kinds of births; from non-medicated births to planned surgical birth and everything in between.

Melissa Mplsyogamama.com everyday-miracles.org

Have you ever wanted to know what really happens in the labor and delivery room from an insider? Join birth doula and Labor and Delivery nurse, Nicole Stecker, as she shares what you can really expect during your birth and postpartum time. She will share her experiences and observations from a busy labor and delivery unit and be available to answer all your questions.

Nicole Stecker Rockyourbirth.net

Come join Tory from Welcome Baby Care for a fun and informative conversation about the importance of parent/child bonding, tummy time, and recognizing sleep and feeding cues. Your baby will be so happy you came!

Tory Kielas-Jensen welcomebabycare.com

Learn and practice acupressure techniques that can become a useful part of your labor and delivery experience. Understand how and when to use these points before, during and after labor. Join me for an interesting discussion and practicum in acupressure during labor and delivery and postpartum care.

Stefanie Beniek FamilyTreeAcu.com

As your baby gets older, change certain becomes the norm, especially when it comes to sleep! In this workshop you will learn: the 5 most important infant sleep tips to encourage healthy sleep habits including all aspects of infant sleep like bedtimes, naps, wake times, and routines. Infant sleep expectations and things like, “When WILL my baby actually sleep through the night?” How common sleep associations can create a barrier to a good night’s sleep and rock solid naps. The appropriate time to wean your newborn from sleep associations such as swaddling, pacifier use, and location of sleep and why this is so important. You will leave with practical tips you can start to use right away for better sleep!

Leann Latus tendertransitionsmn.com

We’ll cover the basics of making milk, introduction to pumping, storing milk, traveling with milk, breastfeeding rights at work, and how to schedule your pump breaks. One lucky attendee will win a copy of Work. Pump. Repeat. : The New Moms Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work, by Jessica Shortall.

Heather Shore Nourishcollection.com

Raising your baby naturally is important to you but in today’s competitive culture you are being pressured into buying toys, apps and bouncing apparatuses that promise to give your baby a jump-start in cognitive development. Sadly, these are not the types of experiences that actually build your baby’s brain, in fact they often compromise development. In this fun and interactive workshop, neuroscience comes alive as we explore how your baby’s own natural movements are actually wiring her brain in the first 18 months of life. You will learn how lifting her head, reaching, rolling, pushing up to sitting, crawling and creeping are actually the first steps in reading, writing and self-regulation. You will also learn simple play ideas to ensure your baby is getting the most of her time on the floor!

Stephanie Johnson Babybare.net

Considerations for Queer, Trans, and People/Families of Color-The care you receive during your pregnancy and birth can greatly impact your entrance (or re-entrance) to parenthood, and preparing for birth is an important factor surrounding you and your family’s transition. LGBT, queer, and POC families face particular issues in regard to healthcare; such as personal experiences, trauma, and tangible health disparities. In this workshop, we will explore considerations and tips for members of our communities during your journey to baby – including birth planning, decision making and informed consent, choosing a competent provider, and queer/POC friendly resources – to help you move through pre-parenthood and parenthood feeling confident, respected, supported, and informed.

Brittany Duncan birthservicesbybritt.com
2 pm
Caring for Premature Babies at Home

Sometimes babies decide to debut early! Parenting a premature newborn comes with unique challenges but also unique joys. Learn evidence-based, best-practice techniques for feeding and caring for your premature baby/babies in their transition from hospital to home.

Hallie Rogers Betterbeginningsmn.com

An Imagery Approach- Participate in a music imagery experience with the purpose of developing or clarifying your own personal mantra that will empower you to be the parent you want to be. This music imagery experience will guide you to develop a tool that can help you stay grounded in yourself as a parent through tears, toddler years, and tantrums.

Amy Madson Amymadson.org

To Support Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum- Julie Colby and Jill Hansen will offer an overview of integrative techniques to support the childbearing years including: bodywork, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and dietary therapy. These modalities approach body, mind, and spirit within a holistic framework. In addition to an informational presentation, will be a hands-on component to offer simple techniques to do at home.

Jill Hansen and Julie Colby Ladysslipperwellness.com

Although there is much information available around establishing breastfeeding early on, many families feel confused and overwhelmed about how to end breastfeeding once their child is older. In this workshop we’ll talk about gentle approaches to weaning with the focus on respect for both the child and the parents.

Vickie Albright Mamawiselactation.com

Parenting is rewarding and complicated these days. Join a panel of local dads as we discuss a wide range of experiences of modern fatherhood- especially as parents who practice attachment parenting.

The Twin Cities local chapter of Attachment Parenting International orgsites.com/tn/twincitiesapi

Do you support LGBTQ families but struggle to explain to your children the diversity of families that exist around us? Many well-intentioned parents have difficulty talking to their children about LGBTQ families – or any family structure that differs from their own – in a way that really sticks. While homophobia remains a huge problem in our society, there are many simple things families can do to teach their children to be accepting of people of all races, sexualities, and genders. In this workshop we will explore strategies for raising children to be LGBTQ allies and learn how to be better allies ourselves. We will discuss age-appropriate conversations, language, playtime learning, books, and media resources. This workshop is geared toward allies at all stages of their ally journey, and is open to LGBTQ families as well. A list of resources will be provided.

Cheyenne Johnson cheyennethedoula.wordpress.com